PVC coated on polyester woven, outdoor material

  • Oil resistance: good
  • Heat resistance: fair (-20 to 70 degrees celsius, fire retardant NFPA701-2004 – pass)
  • Dust resistance: good
  • Weathering resistance: excellent
  • Price range: low

* PVC is a budget all rounder outdoor material made tough to withstand harsh Australian sun, high strength tearing and is fire retardant

* PVC has shown surprisingly good resistance against oil and chemicals which punches above its weight for the price you pay. Having molecular structure where the chlorine atom is bound to every other carbon chain, it is highly resistant to oxidization, we have seen 20 years-old PVC pipes dugged out of the ground that showed no sign of deterioration

* Excellent resistance to acid, alkali and most inorganic chemicals

* Tear Stop (650gsm)

* Quality 600-900gsm woven denier polyester construction

* UV stabilised, specially formulated against harsh Australian sun

* Temperature resistance: -20 to 70 degrees celsius

* Cracking temperature: -20 degrees, antifungicide, acrylic lacquer coated

* Self decompose when in contact with naked flame, will not catch fire

Not suitable against: ketones, cyclic ethers, aromatic hydrocarbons