Neoprene coated on both faces of polyester woven

  • Oil resistance: good
  • Heat resistance: fair (hot air -20 to 100 degrees celsius)
  • Dust resistance: good
  • Weathering resistance: good
  • Price range: medium

* Overall quality material to suit a wide range of needs,originally developed by DuPont as a superior form of rubber,  Neoprene has been used in thousands of applications across all industries

* Neoprene provides excellent protection against abrasion, dust, heat, weathering, UV light, most oils and some chemicals

* Temperature resistance: -20 to 100 degrees celsius

* Fair resistance to short-term flame

* Neoprene is a trademark of the DuPont company

Not suitable against: strong oxidizing acids, ketones, esters, chlorinated aromatic, nitro hydrocarbons