What Material Should I Choose?

Choice of material is relative to the work environment bellow will be used in and / or budget level, each material has its own pros and cons. Our most popular choices are PVC and Neoprene, please see resources-material sub-page for more information.

What are Bellow Cuffs, Flange Ends and Ext Flange Ends used for?

Fastening. Methods of fastening and attachment typically include: use of worm clamps, use of metal or plastic plates with bolts for fastening.

Do you supply Worm Clamps for fastening?

In most cases we do not supply worm clamps (as most customers prefer to do this themselves), however we can direct you to local clamp suppliers or order them in for you if it’s urgent.

Why do i have to find out the Shaft Diameter?

To determine the Inside and Outside Diameters of the bellow.

Why do i have to find out the Maximum Allowable Outside Diameter of the bellow?

To make sure that the bellow body does not interfere with any surrounding objects in the work area.

What is bellow Maximum Expanded Length? why is it different to Stroke?

Bellow Maximum Expanded Length is basically the total length of the bellow (excluding cuffs) when fully expanded, Bellow Maximum Expanded Length = Stroke/Movement + Minimum Bellow Closing Length.

What is bellow Minimum Closing Length?

Bellow Minimum Closing Length is the allowable collapsed length for the bellow, this is to ensure that the collapsed bellow body does not exceed the space given by the machine when compressed.

Are sewn bellows water proof?

Not completely, sewn bellows cannot be submerged in water due to gaps between stitches, however rain or splashes can be tolerated to a certain extent.

What are Support Straps used for?

What are support straps usef for?Support Straps are generally used in long bellows so that all parts of the bellow body are opened/pulled evenly, this is to avoid extensive stress on one part of the bellow body.

What are Zippers used for?

What are zippers used for?Zippers are installed in situations where the machine cannot be pulled apart to fit the bellow on, however please bear in mind that zippered bellows has a big minimum closing length.

What are Internal Bushes used for?

What are internal bushes used for?Internal Bushes are generally used on horizontal screw jacks applications (or screw jacks with high pitch) to ensure bellow body travels smoothly, because without Internal Bushes – bellow inner flanges could potentially enter the thread and become stuck.

What sewing thread do you use?

We use high quality American made UV treated bonded polyester thread for most of our sewn products, it provides excellent resistance to UV exposure and most chemicals, has low moisture regain and will last many years to come. Where heat and extra thread pulling strength is concerned, we can also use Kevlar bonded threads.

Do you offer bellow repair services?

Yes, at a small cost – provided that the bellow/s is in a repairable condition.